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29/11/2011 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Phones

A mobile phone is a necessity these days. Even 10 years back, this was considered to be a luxury. But more than luxury, it is a necessity. So much so that people cannot live without them. More than that there are so many features that mobile phones these days have. Many have turned to mobile phone

leaving other gadgets. For example, no longer does one have to keep carrying a calculator or a pocket calendar. Mobile phone has replaces a lot of other gadgets. No longer has one had to carry a walkman. A mobile with a big memory can carry music. There are some mobile phones which have revolutionized people’s lives. After the invention of mobile phone

and moreover after it has reached the common man, the mass, things have changed totally. Commercialization to consumerism, everything has been effected by this single thing – mobile handset. It is not a wonder that mobile phones are replacing age old land line phones and pager which was rage sometime ago. Mobile phone is being innovated and added with new features everyday, thus making it more useful and attractive to people. Every day companies are making new cell phone and are adding new and more innovating features to it. Some time back, the simple basic mobile phone was enough to people. But now basic phone has been replaced by models and technologies what will put even the most tech savvy people to shame. These days everyone needs the most attractive mobile handset. Now – a – days, mobile phone has something for everyone. For example, if you are book lover, a cell phone can provide you with an e-book reader. Thus you can read books on the go or rather on the run. Now for example, you like music, the memory card will provide you with load of space to store your music and listen to them – anywhere you want, anytime you want. Now, if you like say games, then a mobile phone can also provide you cool gaming options. Many mobile sets are specifically made for games. The touch mobile phones or the big screen mobile phones are good for gaming. They give a wide view of the game. Now, if you want to watch videos and movies that too is possible. In fact, many use mobile phone to watch videos and films. Apart from these features mobile phone doubles up as a modem and helps in connecting a computer to the internet.

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