Cheap payg mobile phones are the answer to long phone bills

28/11/2011 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Phones

Payg mobile phones mean pay as you go phones. To make it simpler, it means they are pre paid phones. Payg mobile phones have many advantages. By pre paid phone, it means that a consumer doesn’t sign an agreement or a contract with a telecom service provider. In fact they buy the phone and but a separate mobile connection. Now in this case also, they don’t pay on a monthly basis. But rather recharges the phone while they keep using the connection. That is to say that they only pay for calls that they are going to use. No monthly bills, no extra charges, no tension. There are many href=””>payg mobile phones

available in the market. What is the best part of these pay as you go or PAYG phones is that one can fill a talktime or recharge his or her mobile and start talking. Thus these phones help the users to save money. This happens in this way. Suppose one has a budget of 100 pounds a month as phone call budget. Now that person recharges the phone with a talk time of 100 pounds. Now once recharged, he can use the amount throughout the month – without exceeding the budget. After making a call, the person knows exactly how much is left in his or her phone account. Thus he or she is aware of how much to talk and for how long a duration. Since these phones are a money saver phone, they are mostly used my housewives, students etc to curb their bills. But these phones are not restricted to them only. They are many who would live to have a control on their href=””>cheap mobile phones

bill. Many stores provide cheap payg mobile phones, which offer good prices for good reasons. In these stores only one can find the telecom provider offering the best scheme. Pay as you go or shortly termed as PAYG phones are very easy to recharge. One just has to buy a recharge coupon, dial a secret code number and bingo – one can call balance on their mobile. One can see how much balance in one’s mobile and how much will be deducted per call. Based on these, one can well fix and control one’s phone expenses. The recharge can be done with a simple code and by just dialing a number. Thus cheap payg mobile phones are a good and winning bet.

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