Granola The Latest Favourite Breakfast Food

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It’s all about Granola these days, we keep seeing the bars and the cereals and it looked like Granola has made a serious comeback. In the UK we all love our breakfast cereals. And it seems that granola is becoming quite popular these days. In fact many are endeavoring to make granola at home to, whether made to be eater as a breakfast cereals, beauty foods with added omega oils or just healthy muesli snacks. That’s how much you can do and vary, with this tasty concoction of rolled toasted oats with honey.

Granola is made with oats and these are roasted alongside many other delicious ingredients such as coconut, sesame seeds and honey. When making this at home you can create you very own wonderful combination that suits your taste and your dietary requirements, instead of the high sugar breakfast cereals that we find on supermarket shelves. Don’t be fooled though Granola is no dieter’s food, but when made with wholesome and nutritious ingredients it can be energising and healthy in small quantities. Again this will depend on how you choose to make your own recipe.

The Granola bar was invented by Stanley Mason and has become popular as a snack. The idea is simple, most ingredients like rolled oats, wheat flour and sugar will be made into a mixture that will be baked. It’s not that difficult and when made at home there will be that authentic taste that only comes when food is home cooked. Oats are essential in Granola while you may play around with other additional ingredients.

With so very many recipes out there for granola and muesli bars, you can pick and choose raw ingredients that you love. If you want to make your breakfast into a beauty food, blend with coconut, some seeds and a touch of hemp seed oil for the EFA’s that help boost healthier skin. If you want something that is high in protein then do add some nuts and seeds and a high carb recipe will include the oats and honey and other fruits you wish to add. Dried fruits make for a great ingredient as well and so does honey. If you can steer away from sugar, and use wild crafted honey instead. Once you get going the aroma the wonderful aroma in your home will be totally appetising and you might just get even more experiential with your next batch.

If you do decide you want to buy granola that is ready made than make sure you read the nutritional guidelines carefully and select a good healthy cereals that not too high in sugar. Breakfast is a very important meal and make yours as healthy as possible with wholesome and nutritious foods to start your day with

Believe Breakfast cereals are a revolutionary brand of cereals, formulated to kick start your day with 22 essential nutrients plus healthy whole grains. Your everyday beauty in a bowl, this concoction of tasty roasted oat clusters, honey, barley and cranberries along with omega rich Hemp, your beauty routine will start with a functional and natural food for beauty. Having a good breakfast is an essential and a vital part of the day. What you have for breakfast provides the body with essential energy to kick start the day and provide energy.

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Believe beauty cereal is low in sugar, and packed with whole grains along with 22 essential nutrients for healthy skin, hair and nails, so go get your beauty in a bowl!

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