Graphic Design – Usability is as Important as Beauty

11/03/2013 | Author: | Posted in Web Design

Given the quality and automation of today’s graphic software, any mildly competent person can churn out a colourful graphic for the website, a logo or anything else. The difference between graphics design is not the visual quality of the product – it is the usability or suitability of the graphic for the purpose it is intended.

Take for example, graphic designs on business cards. Every so often you come across business cards that at first glance, may look great but in reality, get discarded either because they are oddly shaped, or contain one or more folds making it difficult to insert it into a business card folder or a rolodex.

At i4Graphics, a graphic design is more than just a splash of colours – for i4Graphics, Graphic design Melbourne includes suitability and fulfilment of purpose for which it was intended be it a business card or product container, or a corporate letter head.

Most of us carry and have placed orders for business cards so let us explain graphics design in relation to business cards:

Some of the rules we follow include:

1. Unless we are making them for a special purpose, always issue standard sized business cards.
2. Cards with folds are a strict no-no because your customers will have a tough time storing these cards in a card folder or a Rolodex.
3. For the same reason, avoid gimmicky cards such as cards with built-in IC chips or magnetic strips.
4. A business card should have at least a line or two (or graphic or two) on the nature of business. The rest of the space should contain the contact information.
5. Avoid overcrowding the card with too much information or graphics. Stuff like accumulated awards, ISO compliance etc. are best kept out. Remember the purpose of the card is to provide contact information.
6. Unless the client wishes to use their corporate colours, chose the colours carefully so that elements of the graphic design are not lost in case of a black-and-white photocopy.
7. Font size should be adequate so even senior executives do not have to strain to read the contact details.
8. Finally, perhaps the most important graphic design rule we follow is; keep it simple and elegant.

Case studies:

One of our clients who was in the balloon making business (amongst other things), wanted us to design him a balloon business card. His idea was that he would give a balloon inflated with helium to a prospective customer.

We felt the idea was novel but not practical. Which prospective client would tie the balloon to their desk? Even a handful did do so, how long would the balloon last? Imagine the balloon with half the helium escaped – how sad would that balloon look? Graphic Design Australia therefore, is not just the idea or design it is also the practicality of the design.

So if you have any kind of graphic design requirement, call us today there is no better than i4Graphics in this field.

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