How It Works

Submitting a press release to The Media is a very simple user friendly process.

1. Create Your Account

To sign up for an account we only require your username which will act as your author name and a functioning email address. Once you supply these details and click the “register” button we will then send you an email confirming your username and a login password.

2. Login To Your Account

Enter your username and password into the login area and hit send. On the page that follows you should click the link “Go to the author panel” and you will be sent to your user control panel.

3. Update Your User Account Details (optional)
When inside your user account you can update your user profile by clicking the link “My profile”. Here you can change your display name, email address, add your website, write a bio and update your password if required.

4. Write Your Press Release
When you have logged into your user account, you simply need to click the “submit news” link whereupon you will need to supply a press release heading, the main text body of the press release and also select the appropriate category that the press release should be submitted to from the drop down box. Click “submit” and your press release will be sent to an editor for review prior to release subject to our policies.