Invisalign Is The Easiest Way To Straighten Your Teeth

25/04/2012 | Author: | Posted in Fitness

If your teeth aren’t as straight as they can be, then that will stop you feeling fully confident in your smile. Whilst the faults which effect individual teeth can be corrected, the overall impression created by a smile which is crooked or misaligned will be far less impressive than if those teeth have been straightened.

There are many different things which might stop a patient being totally happy with the state of their teeth, from chips and damage caused by accident to decay which builds up over a long period of time. A visit to an orthodontist will enable you to find out precisely which treatment is required for the problem you’re dealing with, as well as details such as how long the treatment will take and what it’s going to cost you. The treatments for problems which patients present with range from fitting veneers on top of existing teeth to replacing missing teeth with permanent implants. Whilst these treatments solve the problems of individual teeth, the overall look of a smile can be massively enhanced by treatments which whiten and straighten all of your teeth simultaneously.

When it comes to having their teeth straightened, many adults feel hesitant, and there are two main reasons for this. The first is that the problem of misaligned or overcrowded teeth is not as immediately obvious as those of teeth which are missing or badly damaged. Whilst this may be the case, having your teeth straightened is still often the final step which will lift your smile from being merely adequate to being one which is truly special. Alongside this, there is the fear that straightening your teeth will involve being fitted with an unsightly, large and unwieldy metal brace. In the past, this would probably have been the case, and, while modern invisible braces in London are much more streamlined and lightweight, they may still be noticeable enough to put lots of people off having their teeth straightened.

Modern dentistry, however, has made great strides in this field, and your orthodontist will now be able to offer you access to the Invisalign system. This is a system of see through, lightweight plastic aligners often referred to as ‘Invisible Braces’. The name comes from the fact that even someone standing right in front of you will be unable to see them. Not only this, but the aligners are easy to slip on and off when you want to eat and drink, meaning that they can easily be adapted to a busy working and social life. After visiting a dental implant clinic to enquire about Invisalign in London, your orthodontist will take the necessary measurements and have your braces custom made at a specialised laboratory. Each set will be worn for approximately two weeks, after which they will be replaced with the next set. Over a specified period of time, this treatment will shift the position of your teeth to that which is required. Your orthodontist will explain this process in detail, outlining exactly what the effects of the treatment will be, and letting you know how much Invisalign braces prices.

If you feel your teeth could be straighter, but think that braces are for children or adolescents, then think again. A trip to your dentists’ clinic will confirm that there is a modern, effective treatment you can easily fit into your life.

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