Is Your Web Design Luring Visitors Towards Purchase?

24/01/2012 | Author: | Posted in Web Design

Web design is an art and behind all good art is a message; how effective that message is depends on the quality of the vehicle that carries the art. Ecommerce development is not gobbledygook unlike the previous sentence, but it can appear that way because search engine optimization is changing all the time. Within your web design, your ecommerce agency in London has to incorporate a number of messages that are designed solely to lure visitors to your website. Once the visitors have arrived, the website has to completely change tack and use marketing elements (that are of no interest to search engines such as Google) to lure visitors into buying goods or services.

A typical digital agency London will often design and build a website that is not adequate in terms of search engine optimization and is not effective in converting interest from a visitor into a sale. The truth is that creating websites that fundamentally have to do two jobs is incredibly hard. It is relatively easy for a digital design agency to create a website that looks good but it is much harder to design a website that looks good, functions well and has the ergonomic design potential to encourage visitors to seek out goods for purchasing online.

Always selling

Web designers do not always appreciate that selling an organization’s goods is not undertaken through entertainment, unless the underlying website is one that is in the entertainment business. For example, the home page on the Virgin Media website is full of bright colours, flashing images and video links because entertainment is the business of Virgin Media. The problem is, too often web design agencies put making a website visually stimulating ahead of making a website visually alluring. Marks and Spencer has perfected the high street store but has also perfected the online store. From the email marketing message to their website home page, everything about the M&S website is inviting the viewer to come and take a look. The website literally lures visitors through to their chosen goods without any form of hard sell; it is a master class in ecommerce website design because it mixes beautiful imagery with a navigation system that works swiftly and simply complemented by an encouragement to buy that is as subtle as an afternoon breeze. The gentle breeze guides customers through the ecommerce website in such a way that it leaves visitors not frustrated, as is so common when searching other ecommerce sites, but in a mood to buy.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to lure rather than push your visitors to a purchase; at all times, visitors can press their ejector click and fly away from your website. Even websites that have great products often fall down during the buying process simply because the tone of the website suddenly changes. Every word, every request on your website must be written in a way to coax the sale.

A final reminder

A sale has not concluded when a visitor clicks the “buy” button and places an item in a basket. Even when the sale has gone through and payment has been made goods can be returned. How easy your website makes the returns process determines whether word of mouth is going to be positive or negative. Regular online customers are those that have confidence that if they make a mistake, your website will not make it hard to return the goods and return their money.

Online, you are always selling. Offline, customers are always talking.

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