Jack the Ripper: Investigate Thrilling and Mysterious Murders

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The case of Jack the Ripper was officially closed in 1892. Yet it continues to lastingly enthrall a whole host of people all over the world. This may be due to the fact that new discoveries about the case are being revealed to this very day. Jack the Ripper evaded detection in the Victorian era, and persists in doing so. Perhaps, however, it is no longer seen as such an absurd notion as it once was considered to be that his identity will be revealed.

The ongoing difficulty of finding out who the Ripper was has kept this succession of brutal murders at the vanguard of criminal and social history for over 120 years.

One of the more intriguing aspects to the case of Jack the Ripper is the sheer amount of worldwide newspaper reporting that his crimes provoked. Journalists swept down on to the streets of the East End to relate the grisly details of the murders, and were often left shocked and horrified by the terrible living conditions that they perceived.

Pages upon pages were given over to reporting on the post-mortems into the deaths of the victims; local inhabitants of the area were cross-examined at length; police officers were pursued, and in some cases even bribed, as reporters attempted to acquire that all too intangible ‘exclusive’ that may aid in selling more newspapers.

What is known about Jack the Ripper? Many think that Jack the Ripper possessed some form of surgical background, due to the accuracy of particular cuts he made on his victims’ bodies and in the technique he used to remove their organs. Certainly, an immense number of the surgeons who inspected the bodies of his victims thought that the killer must have had a substantial degree of anatomical knowledge to do what he did. Yet real details as to who he was remain elusive.

Even if Jack the Ripper’s name is discovered, a mysterious ambience will continue to envelop this murderer, guaranteeing his continuing appeal for centuries to come.

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