Lamborghini Adds A Brand New SUV Into Its Supercar Stable

09/05/2012 | Author: | Posted in Cars

Lamborghini makes a splash with new concept car in China – this exciting new development from the Italian marque is just one of the many reasons that are igniting interest in Lamborghini Car hire.

Lamborghini recently unveiled their new SUV concept car in China to a rapturous reception that highlights the Italian car maker’s focus on creating profitable yet stylish cars.

The car, known as the Urus, was shown off at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition to car industry followers and experts. The Urus joins other supercars from the brand such as the Lamborghini Aventador as one of the most hotly anticipated concept cars on the market because of its departure of traditional supercars that the Italian company manufactures.

The Urus shares plenty of style accents that fans of Lamborghini would recognise during Lamborghini Car Hire. The body of the SUV is lacquered in bright red with the kind of paint finish that you would expect for prestige car hire. The Urus has sparked interest in Lamborghini as being a marque that can include other kinds of car buyers such as families and people who want to travel with groups of friends. While the Urus is simply a concept car and it might or might not go into full time production, it highlights Lamborghini’s focus to look beyond the typical two-seater supercar. The concept car features four seats as well as luggage space for potential customers.

A 600 hp is a driving force within the Lamborghini Urus, which is still a concept car, but it could come alive with all of that horsepower on the main road if it goes into production. Featuring all wheel drive and being more lightweight than other SUV models, the Urus has grabbed the attention of Chinese drivers, who Lamborghini is trying to appeal to.

The Urus appeals to the part of Lamborghini drivers that wants something entirely practical for every day use. One important feature of the Urus is the fact that it is a true luxury SUV by nature – it is meant to be used on flat surfaces, because Lamborghini have realised that potential drivers for the Urus will probably want to experience its sleek luxury without going too hard into off road ventures. Lamborghini Hire for other supercars such as the Gallardo and the Aventador gives drivers an inside look into why the car manufacturer is popular among supercar enthusiasts.

Light carbon fibres are included in the Urus to create an aerodynamic SUV that feels light to the touch and reacts quickly to how the driver chooses to steer it. Judging by the good reviews that the Urus has received from the media and fans, it is definitely living up to the hype after it was unveiled last week in Beijing.

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