Lizard Juice opens a store in Seminole, Florida

01/03/2013 | Author: | Posted in Sales

Lizard Juice has opened a store in Seminole, Florida. Seminole is located on the central Gulf Coast of Florida. Lizard Juice carries premium e-juices and e-cigarettes, as well as accessories. Owner, Gary Wilder, started his electronic cigarette business because he saw the opportunity to build a successful business in the burgeoning electronic cigarette market.  Mr. Wilder said he is interested in educating the public on the use of electronic cigarettes. “Lizard Juice is providing a safer, healthier alternative to smoking.”

The premium e-juices available in his store and website are available in various levels of nicotine concentrations: 0 mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. The nicotine strength is the amount of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid. Lizard Juice’s 15ml size comes with its own pipette funnel for easy refilling of your e-cigarette.

A heavier smoker might want to start with a higher concentration of nicotine, and gradually reduce this level. The mantra of the electronic cigarette industry is harm reduction. Cigarettes contain around 4,00 different chemicals — many of which are toxic — versus four in the e-liquid in electronic cigarettes. Marcus Tilley, resident Dinkum Aussie and Lizard Juice’s Wholesale Manager observes “it’s amazing that cigarette manufacturers are the only industry that attempts to kill their customers.”

Lizard Juice carries 35 e-juice flavors, with five new flavors on their way. Lizard Milk is the current favorite flavor of Lizard Juice’s customers. A chocolate blend of this flavor, as well as Voodoo — a spicy cinnamon mix with a hint of mint, are two of the new flavors. Some of Lizard Juice’s other e-juice flavors are Cuban Cigar, Cowboy Tobacco, Rum Punch, Cappuccino, and Cowboy Menthol.

If you are in Seminole, please stop by. The friendly staff are always available to answer any questions you might have about using electronic cigarettes. All of the e-juice flavors are available for sampling.

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