New How To Get Pregnant Site Ranks Top Pregnancy Solutions By Success Rate

04/01/2012 | Author: | Posted in Pregnancy

January 1, 2012 – USA – Website owner Neville Pettersson has launched a new website which serves as a guide for couples who want to know how to get pregnant.

It may seem strange to some that a male would create such as site. As Pettersson says, “my wife and I have BOTH gone through the gamut of infertility and know the industry inside-out. We eventually did IVF and the result is our lovely son Rafael.”

When a woman is thinking about how to get pregnant, the internet may not be the first place she looks, but it should be. The website offers advice for women on how to get pregnant within 30 days, using the natural, old-fashioned method. Best times of the month, how to tell one is ovulating and how often to have sex are just a few of the key elements listed on the site.

For those who are looking for answers on how to get pregnant using non-traditional methods, there are programs listed on the site, such as the “IVF Success Program,” which boasts a 95% success rate, while most other IVF procedures offer a 50% success rate, at best. Sometimes, knowing how to get pregnant is not the problem; there are instances and medical circumstances that make getting pregnant naturally impossible.

Along with several systems and guidelines to answer the questions, ‘ how do you get pregnant ,’ there are customer reviews that rate each product and book that is listed on the site. Customers can talk about their success rates, and their experiences, both good and bad, in an unbiased way. This arms the reader with relevant information that they can trust in order to make a more informed decision. Readers will have a better idea on how to get pregnant and specific methods used to detect the best time to have sex each month.

One of the keys elements of the website is a listing of the three most popular pregnancy programs. They boast no less than a 93% success rate and one of them, “The Pregnancy Miracle,” actually has a success rate of 100%. There is a fee for each program, averaging about $39 for each. The website also rates these program’s popularity, and lets the viewer know if the rating has gone up or down.

According to Pettersson, “The aim of this site is to help people get pregnant without having to do what we did. Which is spend thousands of dollars whilst being constantly disappointed and having to
fork over even more money.” By giving advice on how to get pregnant, he hopes to help couples achieve their goals without going broke. His mission is to add even more resources on a continual basis and help others find their own solution on how to get pregnant.

Other guides and how-to’s listed on the site involve how to select a specific gender. There are certain ways to ensure that one has a boy or a girl, according to many resources, and Pettersson lists many of them on the site. There is also extensive information about fertility treatments, including cost, drugs and various causes of infertility. Visitors will find a wealth of information on how to get pregnant using non-traditional methods.

If one were to ask the question of how do you get pregnant, it may be answered in sneers and downright laughter. But the fact is, there are several elements that must be in place at precisely the right time of the month in order for pregnancy to be achieved. This site answers some of those sometimes embarrassing questions and will help couples achieve their dream of becoming parents much faster. It promises to be a one-stop resource for information on how to get pregnant.

For more information about how to get pregnant and to contact the site owner, visit:

About How To Get Pregnant In 30 Days:

The How To Get Pregnant site was made to help people get pregnant without having to do what the we did. Which is spend thousands of dollars whilst being constantly disappointed and having to fork over even more money. There are lots of other great options out there and we have put them all together on our site.

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