Plumbers In Toronto Give Pointers On Home Plumbing Maintenance

06/03/2012 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

TORONTO, ON: Naz Derkach of Public Plumbing shared some ideas that plumbers in Toronto often recommend for unclogging drains in your home, and for extending the lives of your water faucets and disposals. Mr. Derkach says that quite often, if people will maintain their drains, they will stay clean and not require the use of plumbing contractors in Toronto. Homeowners can also take steps on their own in un-jamming disposals and re-working faucets without the help of plumbers in Toronto.

The first tip that Mr. Derkach recommended is the use of an old “tried and true” method of using soda and vinegar in your drains. He says that for some drains, you can pour about ½ cup of soda into the drain. Then a cup of vinegar should be poured in to activate the soda. It will foam, just like it did in the volcanoes in school, and break loose some of the clog in the drain. He recommends that you follow with a little more vinegar, just to make sure the soda is completely activated and dissolved.


Mr. Durkach also suggested that you may not have to call a plumbing contractor in Toronto if you have an inoperable garbage disposal. First of all, he says to check your garbage disposal, or food disposal, for a reset switch. Sometimes this will restore function to your disposal. However, sometimes the disposal is jammed. This can be due to a small piece of bone or cloth that gets stuck in the grinders. If you have a heavy duty screwdriver, or even a broom handle, you can put this down into the disposal and prop it against the blades. Just make sure the disposal is off. By prying on the handle of the screwdriver, or on the broom handle, you can break loose the jam.

Another money saver, according to Mr. Durkach, is to replace the washers in your dripping water faucets. While a dripping faucet may be borderline annoying, one that runs even a fine stream of water constantly can be extremely expensive. There are gallons of water that run through dripping faucets, making a big difference in your water bill every month.

To re-work your water faucet yourself, rather than calling plumbing contractors Toronto, you first need to turn off the water under your sink. The valve should be right under the sink, but if it isn’t, Mr. Durkach says you may need to go to the meter and turn it off. The, you take the screw out of the knob on the faucet, and remove the knob. The location of the leak will determine how deeply you need to dismantle the faucet. Once you have it dismantled, you can replace the rubber washers that seal the taps. In some cases, you may need to replace bushings in the valves themselves. Both bushings and washers will get corroded just as other parts of the faucet, and won’t close off the water any more.

Naz Durkach is the owner of Public Plumbing, plumbers Toronto. For more information about contacting plumbing contractors in Toronto, call Mr. Durkach at 416-556-5658.

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