The Ultimate Solution to Alopecia is Wigs

11/03/2013 | Author: | Posted in Beauty

There have been a lot of people that have seemed perfectly healthy, live a clean lifestyle, but still experience the perils of spot baldness.

This condition (known as Alopecia as well) is responsible for creating bald spots on the scalp of both men and women alike. Without doubt one of the most unusual and mysterious cause of baldness is Alopecia. The root cause of this condition is still unknown and no definite cures have been found.


The consolation to this is that half of the patients of this condition grow their hair back in about a year or so. Doctors employ different kinds of treatments to promote hair growth and to contain hair loss but there are non-medical ways to deal with it.  Wearing wigs can be a fun and exciting experience. Wigs are not as painful as surgeries and give the illusion that the hair is actually growing directly from the scalp.


The wig making industry has created different kinds of wigs to match the skin tone and body structure of a variety of people. You can find a number of different colors, lengths, and styles of wigs at our store, Steve’s Hair and Wigs. You can try them out and select the one which best suits you. We truly understand what people suffering from Alopecia are going through. We are into the wig and hair loss business for more than 3.5 years.

We got involved with wigs and hairpieces early on and eventually became a pioneer in the field, even winning first place in the prestigious World Wide International Competition in Hairpiece and Hair Design. Everything from curly wigs to straight, long or short, men’s or women’s wigs, or whatever you are looking for, can usually be found at Steve’s Hair and wigs.

We provide wigs for individuals who are undergoing Alopecia treatments. Turn your dreams into reality. Let us make the perfect wig for you and your family. As you are our valued customer, you are always handled with care. Customer safety and satisfaction is our prime objective. So visit our store Steve’s Hair and Wigs ( to fulfill your dreams and look stylish wearing different style of wigs.
Steves Hair and Wigs

7000 SW 62 Ave

South Miami, Fl.


305 665-2100

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Steve Hair and Wigs is located in South Miami Florida. Specializing in wigs for chemotherapy, radiation, and alopecia. We offer the latest in hair cuts, styles, and color in your own private fitting room.

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